Differentiating the Different Types of Tree Care Professionals

As a property owner, you know that caring for the plants and trees on your property makes up a considerable part of your exterior maintenance responsibilities. However, like many homeowners, you probably don’t know which professionals you should speak to for your care needs or what tree care professional titles mean. 

At S.M.B. Family Tree Service, we know the value of comprehensive, professional tree care. We provide a wide range of tree care needs, including tree removal services in House Springs, MO.

In this blog, we talk about how you can tell the difference between the many types of tree care professionals. 

To learn more about tree care or to speak to a professional arborist today, reach out to our S.M.B. Family Tree Service team.  

What is a Tree Professional? 

Simply put, the term “tree professional” refers to anyone in the tree care industry. 

Tree professionals include people who plant trees, help trees grow, remove trees, and more. If you need a specific tree service, look for an expert in that area. Alternatively, select a service provider that can handle a variety of tree services. 

But how do you know which tree care professionals are a good fit for your property’s needs? Keep reading below to learn more about the different types of professionals you’ll meet in the field. 

Types of Tree Care Professionals

When working with a trusted tree care company like S.M.B. Family Tree Service, you’ll meet various professionals at all levels. 

Tree Care Technicians

Tree care technicians provide care for trees without any additional certifications. These aspiring experts often undergo training, apprenticeships, and other learning experiences to improve their care capabilities. You’ll see them helping certified arborists and others with their project tasks. 


Foresters care for large areas of forested land, including commercial forests. Foresters focus on choosing the correct times to plant and harvest trees, maintaining tree populations and local ecosystems. 

Tree Surgeons

Some inexperienced tree experts may use the title “tree surgeon.” Watch out for companies with no noticeable licensing or certification who avoid legal entanglements by using alternate terminology like “tree surgeon.” 


In most cases, arborists provide care for trees one tree at a time. Practicing or commercial arborists offer services like pruning, planting, removal, pest and disease maintenance, fertilization, and more. 

Consulting arborists recommend treatment plans for injured, diseased, or struggling trees. Most property owners use consulting arborists in addition to an experienced tree service to help their trees thrive. 

ISA-Certified Arborists 

To achieve ISA certification, arborists must complete specific education, training, and skill requirements. These professionals must pass an examination, demonstrate a working knowledge of their craft, and more. 

The highest level of certification offered through this pathway is the ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA). 

ISA-Certified Arborists can provide the highest level of specialized tree care for any residential or commercial property. 

Finding The Tree Care You Need

Choosing a dependable tree care service doesn’t have to be stressful. By looking for a few essential qualifications, you can choose tree care professionals with the capabilities you need for success. Hire a tree care service that: 

  • Has certified arborists on staff
  • Provides a variety of tree care services
  • Offers emergency tree removal 
  • Carries licensing 
  • Offers service guarantees
  • Has professional insurance
  • Has years of experience

Choosing a tree service with qualities guarantees outstanding results. 

Work With Tree Care Professionals in House Springs 

Whether you need dead tree removal or tree trimming and pruning services, you deserve quality service. If you want to work with the best tree care professionals in House Spring, MO, choose S.M.B. Family Tree Service. Request your free estimate via our convenient online form or call (636) 212-1852 today. 

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