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Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

S.M.B Family Tree Service is the best company for tree trimming and pruning services in the area. We have years of experience and our team of experts can handle any tree trimming or pruning job, no matter how big or small. Call us today at (636) 212-1852 for a free estimate!

If you have trees on your property, you know how attractive and valuable they may be. However, trees need to be maintained regularly for them to remain healthy and attractive. That’s when tree trimming and pruning services come in handy. Tree branches can get out of hand and asymmetrical, with potentially fatal consequences if not properly cared for.

The tree trimming cost will vary depending on the size and type of tree, but it’s generally a good investment to have a professional tree trimming service do the work for you. In addition to tree branches, they can also help to shape fruit trees and keep them producing large, delicious fruits.
If you’re searching for a method to improve the look of your home and ensure that your trees are healthy and productive, tree trimming and pruning services can be beneficial. S.M.B Family Tree Service is capable of handling all of your tree trimming needs. We have the manpower, equipment, and experience to complete the project correctly.

Professional Tree Trimming Services

Young trees or mature trees, big or small, all need to be trimmed regularly. Depending on the type of tree, this may be once a year or every other year. Tree trimming helps to keep your trees healthy and looking their best.

When left unchecked, tree branches can extend over sidewalks, driveways, and windows and pose a serious threat to pedestrians and vehicles. To avoid these hazards, practice regular tree trimming. Tree trimming isn’t simply for appearances or safety; it’s essential for the health of your trees too. By removing excess growth, you encourage even development and prevent your trees from becoming top-heavy (which makes them more prone to wind damage).

Trimming also allows air and sunlight to reach the inner branches of the tree, promoting good circulation and preventing problems like fungus and rot. Some early signs that your tree needs to be trimmed include

  • Dead branches
  • Misshapen growth
  • Excess branches growing in the wrong direction.

If you’re not sure how often your trees should be trimmed, our arborists can assist you in establishing a trimming schedule to remove extra branches and maintain them looking healthy and beautiful.

Professional Tree Pruning Services

In addition to trimming, trees also need to be pruned regularly. Tree pruning is different from tree trimming in that it’s more focused on shaping the tree and promoting healthy growth. It’s generally done in the late winter or early spring before new growth begins.

Pruning is the removal of branches that have rotted or been damaged, as well as those growing in the wrong direction. It also encourages future development and may help to form the tree. Pruning is an essential part of tree maintenance, and it should be done by a skilled tree service. Some signs that your tree needs to be pruned include

  • Tree diseases or damaged branches
  • Branches growing in the wrong direction
  • Crossed branches
  • Branches rubbing against each other.

No matter what tree species you have on your property, our tree pruning services can keep them healthy and looking their best.

What to Expect From Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Sometimes, not knowing what to expect from a service can be the most stressful part. We want to make sure you feel confident and comfortable with our tree trimming and pruning services, which is why we’ve put together this guide on what you can expect when you work with us.

After you reach out to us for tree trimming and pruning services, one of our arborists will visit your property to get a better understanding of what work needs to be done. This includes taking into account the type of trees, their age, and size, as well as the condition of the branches. They will also take into consideration your goals for trimming or pruning. With all this information gathered, they will then put together a proposal that outlines the cost and timeline for the completion of the project.

Once you’ve approved the proposal, we’ll schedule a time for our team to come to your property and do the work. We employ only the most competent and professional tree service professionals on the market to guarantee that our tree trimming and pruning services are done correctly. We’ll handle your trees, and we’ll clean up any trash before we go.

S.M.B Family Tree Service Can Make Your Trees Look Great

Now that you know more about tree trimming and pruning, it’s time to put your trees in the capable hands of our professionals at S.M.B Family Tree Service. We have years of experience in tree care, and we can help you keep your trees looking neat all year round. Don’t stress about your trees. Let us take care of them for you! For all your tree trimming and pruning needs, contact S.M.B Family Tree Service today at (636) 212-1852! We offer free consultations, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

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