Winter Tree Pruning: Why You Should Do It

Many people think that you cannot perform tree pruning during the winter months, but this is not true. Winter is actually one of the best times to prune your trees and poses the least risk to your tree branches. So today, the team at S.M.B. Family Tree Service is here to talk about winter tree pruning and why you should do it. 

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Why Prune in the Winter?

During the winter, most trees go into a dormant state, where cellular and metabolic activity slows down. This period of dormancy lasts until temperatures start to rise during the following spring. Trees are relatively inactive during dormancy, so you can prune with relatively little worry of damaging the tree. 

Benefits of Winter Pruning

Below are just a few reasons why winter pruning is a good idea. 

Less Stress for Trees

Dormant trees are in a state of hibernation, so cutting dead and diseased branches will not stimulate new growth. If you prune your trees before they go dormant, the cold weather can stunt new growth and potentially kill your tree. Winter tree pruning ensures optimal wound closure when spring arrives and growth resumes. 

Avoid Spreading Disease/Pests

Pest, disease, and fungi are also dormant in the winter, so pruning during the cold months is less likely to spread harmful pathogens to other trees. Freshly pruned trees and pruning cuts can attract insects like beetles and termites, so if you prune in the winter, you won’t have to worry about insect infestations. 

Tree Structure is Easier to Evaluate

Once the leaves have fallen during the fall and early winter, it is much easier to evaluate the structure of the tree to identify dead branches. Leaves can obscure branches, making them harder to cut properly. During the winter, professionals can better determine which branches need removal and which branches can stay.

Faster and Efficient

Last but not least, winter pruning is faster and more efficient than pruning at other times of the year. During Missouri winters, the ground often freezes, making it easier for professional tree service crews to set up heavier equipment and move around. The final result is faster work and lower costs. 

Can I Prune During the Spring or Summer?

Winter is the ideal time for tree pruning, but you can prune your trees in the spring or summer. Below are some reasons why you would prune trees in the summer or spring. 

  • Leaf cover could be uneven once the leaves come in, so pruning can make your trees look more balanced and equal. 
  • It is sometimes hard to identify dead branches during the winter. It can be easier during the spring or summer as dead branches often have leaves missing. 
  • Pruning cluttered branches to increase air circulation to leaves can help the tree grow better and faster during warmer seasons. 
  • Pruning is an effective means of shade and light control. 
  • Pruning low branches can raise the canopy and improve tree cover. 

Some tree issues are not apparent until the growing season, and pruning can fix your problems. Regular pruning is integral to the overall health of your trees and can significantly extend their lifespan. 

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