4 Reasons To Hire a Tree Professional for Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming and pruning techniques require years of experience and training. Always hire a tree professional when undertaking tree-trimming projects for your residential or commercial property. Improper cuts into the branch collar, heartwood, or inner bark may leave trees exposed to frigid temperatures, blustering winds, pest infestations, and diseases. 

Eureka’s tree service company offers everything from stump grinding to 24-hour emergency tree services. When you hire a tree professional, you gain access to valuable services designed to extend the lifespan of your trees and beautify your landscape. Don’t hesitate to call tree professionals near you for all your tree trimming and pruning services. 

Continue reading to learn the four reasons to hire a tree professional in St. Louis County. Affordable, hassle-free tree services remain only a call away. 

The Importance of Tree Service Professionals

Understanding the signs and causes of dying trees proves incredibly difficult. Some symptoms of dying trees appear obvious, such as dead branches, rot damage, and cracked bark. However, other clear signs of tree damage require the expert eyes of professional arborists. 

Professional arborists undergo extensive training to identify and treat numerous tree health issues. Some of the most common signs of a tree needing professional assistance and care include the following: 

  • Leaning
  • Discolored leaves
  • Subsidence 
  • Small holes and wood shavings 
  • Epicormic growth 
  • Bark inclusions
  • Co-dominant branches

Hire a tree care professional if you notice any of the above symptoms of dying trees. Neglecting to care for trees properly may result in property damage, personal injuries, and costly tree removal services. Many professional tree experts offer same-day service and tree health assessments in St. Louis County, Missouri. 

4 Reasons To Hire a Tree Professional 

Like the human body, trees require annual check-ups to ensure their healthy growth and function. Tree care professionals offer a wide range of services and expert advice for maintaining healthy trees. The four reasons to hire a tree professional include the following: 

I.S.A. Certified 

The International Society of Arboriculture promotes professional arborists’ safe practices and techniques. Confirm the tree experts you hire hold valid I.S.A. certifications before retaining their services. ISA-certified arborists utilize the safest, most effective methods for removing dead branches, trimming canopies, removing rot damage, and much more. 

Licenses and Insurance 

Before you hire a tree professional, double-check the company you hire holds valid business licenses and certificates of insurance. Tree trimming and pruning services require employees to work at great heights with sharp equipment. Companies that lack business licenses and insurance put employees at risk and force property owners to shoulder the costs of personal injuries and property damage incurred during tree service projects. 

Never attempt to perform D.I.Y. tree service projects. Without the proper safety equipment or experience, D.I.Y. tree projects become dangerous endeavors. Tree service professionals possess the knowledge and expertise to care for all your tree service needs. 

Tree Health Assessments

Innovative soil testing services identify vitamin deficiencies in trees. Trees require appropriate nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels to develop beautiful leaves and strong canopies. Comprehensive tree health assessments can also determine the cause of rot damage, insect infestations, and root system issues. 

Healthy Trees

Those who hire a tree professional receive upfront price estimates for tree services, friendly customer service, and an improved understanding of tree health. Healthy trees improve the air quality and curb appeal of your property. Give your trees the loving care they deserve by contacting expert arborists near you! 

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